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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

It says “the porch is a place for nostalgia – reminding one of a simpler time when life used to be slower, while sitting there; feeling the summer breeze, and smelling the flowers is a gesture that life is beautiful and there will always be new beginnings”


The Nostalgic Porch or The Nostalgik Porch was created on this very note. It is a small, home-grown one-woman led business that aim to infuse the simplicity of life with the joy of creation and represent aesthetics essential to the new generation.


Essentially and intricately hand-designed, each item represents my love for floral art, spring zest and zest for everything pretty.


​With Love

About the founder

​A researcher by day-time profession and an avid art lover by passion. I believe art is the simplistic beauty in everyday living. A fan-girl of soft aesthetics since childhood, my expression of art is the “sugary, summery marriage” of vintage floral art with modern appeal. Ecological sustainability is the way forward and I would gladly hep you in creating your perfect nook to invoke creativity and nurture individualism.

Meet the Founder

Indrani Manna, the visionary founder of "The Nostalgic Porch," has breathed life into the world of home decor. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an unwavering passion for design, she aims to transform houses into homes. The Nostalgic Porch is a haven for those seeking a unique blend of vintage charm and modern elegance. Indrani's creations resonate with the spirit of nostalgia, blending old-world allure with contemporary trends. From rustic furniture pieces to intricate handcrafted decor, every item curated by her tells a story. creates a space that speak of timeless beauty and personal narratives.


Conceptualised during the 2021 lockdown, her primary aim is to provide décor pieces that are sustainable, completely Made in Bharat and diffuses ideas of upcycling with being ornately designed, and to make people happy while they own sustainable yet durable décor pieces. Hope all of you will support her in this daring journey and shower your love on this brand.


Indrani Manna


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